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Turn Signal Reminder (TSR) - Turn It Off !

The Problem

Using turn signals correctly is crucial for avoiding accidents. However, remembering to shut off turn signals is another way that one can avoid accidents. Sometimes, accidents are caused because turn signals left on for an extended period of time. For example, if someone is waiting for an opportune time to pull out onto a line, they may see a vehicle that has left their turn signal on from a previous turn coming towards them. The driver waiting to pull out may misjudge the turn signal and pull out in front of the vehicle they believe to be turning. As one can assume, the accident could have been avoided if the driver of the oncoming vehicle remembered to shut off their turn signal. . 

The problem is magnified for golf carts in summer communities. None of the after-market light kits include self-cancelling turn signals and even though GEMs produce clicking sound when turn signal is on, it is not loud enough for you to hear sometimes. Most motorcycles, ATVs and Scooters also don't have self-cancelling turn signals, and those that do don't always work properly 100% of the time... Need I say more, if you have a car without self cancelling indicators, or your indicator clicker is not loud enough to warn your indicators are on.

The Solution

So, what do you do? Would you pay a few dollars to be just a little bit safer? 

Well if you can answer "Yes" then one of these little units is for you! We have designed and built a family of Turn Signal Reminder (TSR) devices that is easily connected to any vehicle that operates on 12 volts and has turn signals. Turn Signal Reminder (TSR) is a beeper that is connected to your turn signals and produces a loud 85-95 dB reminder that your turn signal is on. When a turn signal is turned on it emits an audible beeping sound to remind you that your turn signal is still on. Turning off the turn signal silences the Turn Signal Reminder (TSR). And the best thing is that you don't have to cut any wires or do any soldering. The only tool you need is a pair of pliers. 

This will probably be the best accessory you buy for your vehicle and at this price it isn't going to break the bank (ONLY $14.99) and very effective. Think about it ! It could save your life one day 

The Kit

Every Kit consists of Turn Signal Reminder (TSR) that is enclosed in a sturdy plastic casing, splicers and full instruction. You can also download instructions Here 

We offer two versions of these turn signal reminders - 2-wire and 3-wire.
1. 2-Wire version installed directly on the lines of turn signal flasher
2. 3-Wire version gets connected to the front or rear turn signals or directly to the turn signal unit. . 

Please, do not forget to specify the type when ordering !